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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How does it work, what do you offer?

Q - How do I order?
A - Call 925.785.3390

Q - What form of payment is accepted?
A - We accept all major credit cards for payment, including AMEX. Unfortunately, we do not invoice but you can pay with personal check at the end of the shoot if you desire.

Q - How do I prepare for the Photo Shoot?
A - Because our shooting schedules are often tightly booked, we ask that you call and notify the sellers to be camera ready prior to the time of your appointment.

In other words, prior to our photo appointment, we ask that you remove all automobiles from the front of the home and driveway. Please turn on all interior lights to help us capture the most warm and inviting feeling when we photograph your home. Please also remove any unwanted items from view in all rooms that will be photographed.

Q - How do I post the Virtual Tour Link on the MLS?
A - As we do not enter the MLS, you will need copy and paste the virtual tour link through paragon. Click on “Manage Your Listing,” then “Add Virtual Tour.” We will email your still photos to the MLS, as well as Realtor.com, for the techs to post. We will publish your virtual tour on Realtor.com as soon as your listing is recognized.

Q - How do I receive the Still Photos?
A -Simply click on our "Download Photos" link in the confirmation email
sent to you.

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